The Dinner Menu

Please see our current Dinner Menu below

Ceres chestnuts,
last of the seasons figs, mustard and beurre noisette.  

Pickled fish crepe,
labneh, coriander and crispy onion.  

“Spaghetti Bolognese” 
Free range Avondale duck ragout and onion tagliatelle.  

Raw beef,
sourdough crispy and pickles.  

Fennel cured East Coast Hake,
warm cucumber and seaweed.  

Confit Avondale duck leg,
sweet potato, sprouted lentil salad and lavender.  

Aged Chalmar beef sirloin,
onions: charred, pickled and puréed.  

The Whole cauliflower:
roasted, velouté, fermented core and leaf ribs.  

Sides dishes (serves 1)

Hand cut Mondial fries.  R30

Corn on the cob.  R30

Olive oil semifreddo,
brandy snap and cantaloupe sorbet. 

peanut and honeycomb.

Coconut panna cotta,
charred pineapple and pineapple beer sorbet.

Boerenkaas cream,
goats cheese parfait, strawberry pâte de fruit and tuile de pain.


2 Course Menu


3 Course Menu


5 Course Menu 


5 Course Menu with with Avondale Wine Pairing

FABER is a non- smoking restaurant.

We will always try to accommodate your food allergies, but our menu is small, seasonal & fresh, we will not be able to accommodate all requests.

Please be considerate to fellow diners when using your mobile phone.

Please note that a 12,5% service charge will be added to tables of six and more.

We regret no split bills.

A deposit of R100 per person is required for all tables of 8 or more to secure a reservation. Payment can be made via electronic transfer or with credit card details, through a secure third party payment portal. Any reservation cancelled or change in numbers communicated more than 48 hours in advance will be guaranteed a full refund. Please note that we do not store or see your personal payment information.

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